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About Le'Shelle Davis


Owner and designer of K.R.D. Designs, Le'Shelle is a step-mom and a mother to an angel baby named Kaliyah Re'al Davis. On March 16, 2013, Le'Shelle knew her life would never be the same again. It was such a joyous and exciting time for her and her husband as they were expecting their first child together. That quickly changed when they found out that there could be some complications with the pregnancy during  routine check up. On that same day,  they also found out that they were having a girl. Le'Shelle's doctor was diligent and quickly placed her on strict bed rest at home. The complications worsened and a couple of days later she was admitted into the hospital and placed on strict bed rest. While in the hospital, for seven days straight she laid there praying, crying and hoping for a miracle. All she wanted was for her baby to make it through this. On March 16th, 2013, Le'Shelle went into labor and due to unforeseen complications she ended up having an emergency C-section. Their beautiful baby girl Kaliyah did not make it. Le'Shelle never heard her baby cry, she never saw the color of her baby's eyes and she never got to take her baby home. All that remained were Kaliyah's ashes, pain and a box of memories. As a mother, She was completely distraught and her heart was broken into pieces. She did not see a way to get through this, but God did. He showed her the way. He placed the right people around her for support and He pointed her in the right direction to find herself again. So she leaned on her faith like never before!

Le'Shelle was sitting in a meeting at work one day and she was physically there, but mentally someplace else. She started doodling in her notebook and drawing jewelry pieces that reminded her of her baby. At that moment, she knew she was being lead toward making handmade jewelry. She definitely laughed it off at first, because she had never made jewelry before. Even though she had no experience with jewelry making, in August 2013 K.R.D. Designs was born! Making jewelry helped Le'Shelle to mentally and emotionally handle going through her grieving process of losing a child. Though she will never stop missing her baby, it gives her great comfort and joy to make jewelry for others; especially for other mothers and fathers who have suffered a loss. K.R.D. Designs' jewelry is one of a kind and is always made with lots of LOVE! 

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